For part one last year, you dressed Lili Reinhart and Sienna Miller, but to keep things interesting, you are dressing three different women this year—Sophie Turner, Julianne Moore, and Dakota Johnson. How did you arrive at their looks? 

So with Julianne Moore, she’s going with Tom Ford. And the inspiration for that was Jackie Kennedy. We have this picture of Jackie Kennedy at an event, and she’s wearing opera-length gloves and diamonds. I think she really symbolizes the lexicon of American fashion in a way although she wore a lot of French designers. She was a great American clotheshorse and the epitome of elegance, and [there are] lots of pictures of her in white-tie too. So that was the inspiration with Julianne. It’s quite a classic, timeless, elegant evening look. Then Dakota is going with Gucci, so you know, opulence extravaganza is what we’re dealing with. So that was fairly straightforward, and that look isn’t entirely set yet, so it could go one of two ways, but the whole thing is spangled. Any way it goes, there’s going to be spangles everywhere. That’s our take on gilded glamour. It’s just like, cover it in crystals. And then for Sophie Turner… Sophie’s super pregnant, and she’s wearing Louis Vuitton, and Louis Vuitton has a whole concept this Met Ball, which is that they’re not making anything new as an eco move. So people are rewearing dresses they’ve worn before. They’re wearing dresses other people have worn. The idea was the dress needed to exist. It was really fun going through all the Louis Vuitton archives and seeing what would look good on Sophie and what would suit her body right now. So she’s wearing an older Louis Vuitton dress that’s fully studded, and we’re really going for the theme more in her hair and makeup than in her dress.

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