I recently went on a trip to Las Vegas for a friend’s birthday and found myself faced with a unique challenge: What on Earth do I pack? There’s nothing I hate in the world more than packing. If I could have someone pack for me, I would. That being said, I also hate being unprepared, so I try to pack smartly.

As a beauty editor, my packing list obviously consists of a lot of beauty products. There are a few items I can’t imagine leaving home without, and on a trip like this one, I also wanted to try out some fun beauty trends. (Face jewels, anyone?)

My rules for packing are simple: make sure you have what you need for every feasible situation, try not to overpack (but definitely don’t underpack), and make a sustainable choice whenever possible. With the right packing accessories, you likely won’t need to buy any travel-sized items—trust me on that. Below, find everything beauty related I brought with me in my carry-on, and yes, it all fit in that one bag.

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