I suppose it’s a little counterintuitive to admit this right now, but I actually don’t think the best time to shop is before taking a trip. I’ve made plenty of shopping mistakes when last-minute panic buying for a vacation or work trip, and I constantly vow to never do it again. But on the flip side, many of those panic buys have been surprisingly successful. Those are the ones I’m here to talk about.

I always make a pretty detailed packing list when I’m preparing for a trip, even planning out which accessories I’m going to wear with which outfit. It’s the only way I can seem to manage to not overpack (or under-pack). I often wait until the last minute to make this list (not recommended), and that’s when I realize I’m lacking some of the things I need (well, want) to complete some of the outfits. Hence the panic-buying. And while I’m not encouraging this method, here are the TK times it actually worked out for me, along with some photos of my travel style, just for fun. Scroll to shop my travel shopping success stories.

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