Fact: I never thought I would need a fragrance from a lingerie brand until La Perla came along and proved me otherwise. The brand sells the most sophisticated undergarments, yet somehow, the perfumes are low-key even better. Each has charm, opulence, and an irresistible quality to it that I truly can’t even explain with words. You’ll just have to smell for yourself.

Although most of the brand’s scents lean floral, don’t let that deter you if you tend to like earthy or musky scents. There’s honestly something for everyone. Some carry headier notes like cedarwood and vetiver, while others contain ylang-ylang and sparkling aldehydes (an intoxicating ingredient used in some of today’s most iconic perfumes). Enough talking—it’s time to get scrolling so you can fall in love with them. Below, check out the best La Perla perfumes that are worthy of adding to your collection.

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