When Gigi Hadid talks, we listen. So as you can imagine, my ears perked up during my recent conversation with the style icon about the new trends that she is signing off on.

Of all the items she mentioned, she was notably most excited about a special one that I haven’t heard much buzz about yet—the shrunken bucket hat. She told me she thinks the trend is so good that she’s tossing her standard bucket hats for this style. “The bucket hats that I’m keeping are the ones that are a little bit out-there … like a beanie.”

In general, summer hats are at the top of her wish list, and for good reason. The right one can really make or break a look. So lo and behold, you’ll find an extensive collection of summer hats that I believe are well worth the storage space they take up. Whether you’re wearing a bikini and cover-up or are feeling like a summer dress is more your beat, you can’t go wrong by topping it off with this accessory. 

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