Don’t misunderstand. We love a sculpted, sun-kissed, bronzed moment 365 days a year, but there’s truly no more opportune time than summer to find a new favorite bronzer. Or, if you’re like us, multiple. The thing is, the best bronzers on the market have seriously evolved over the years, and no more are the muddy, orange-hued pans we used to smear on our faces circa high school.

These days, we have more options than we know what to do with. Some drugstore bronzers are best suited for our perpetually hungry wallets, some are great for contouring, some are nontoxic, some are shimmery, some are matte, some are creamy, and some are powdery. With limitless possibilities, pinpointing the best bronzer for your unique complexion, skin tone, and makeup aesthetic can suddenly feel like brain surgery. (Okay, maybe not, but you catch our drift.) 

To lend a helping hand, we scoured the internet to find the best bronzers to satisfy even the nitpickiest of bronzer shoppers. Keep scrolling the top 20 that made our “best” list—in every finish, form, and budget you could ask for.

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