Not only do purple-tinted masks sit on your strands longer than shampoo does (thus working their brass-neutralizing magic more effectively), but these types of nourishing formulas usually offer more benefits as a whole. In fact, all of my favorites—which we will get to in a second—yield tons of other hair perks like hydration, shine, improved scalp health, damage repair, and so much more.

All purple hair masks are unique and have their own set of instructions, but as long as you follow the specific product’s protocol, I guarantee you’ll be so much happier with the results from a purple mask than your go-to shampoo. Another fun fact? My absolute favorite purple hair mask is just $11 and can be found at pretty much any drugstore. Keep scrolling! The 13 best purple hair masks to kick unwanted yellow and orange tones to the curb are just below. Oh, and because I get asked about my haircare routine in its entirely quite frequently, I added that to the bottom of the article just for kicks.

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