Sydney Sweeney ticks off trends with the best of them, from tweed miniskirt sets to the latest viral Uggs. But, if you ask me, the Euphoria star’s most enviable looks aren’t her buzziest ones. Rather, I’m far more invested in the anti-trend ensembles she’s known to put together. And her latest trend-free outfit is right up there at the top of my all-time favorites list. 

Following her return home from Coachella, Sweeney was spotted in Los Angeles looking effortless and casual, donning the kind of low-key outfit you can wear again and again this time of year without ever getting tired of it. Specifically, she paired a fitted tee with a belted pair of Levi’s classic 501 jeans, platform Converse high-tops, and the Saint Laurent Icare tote that’s about to be everywhere (it’s already gotten Zoë Kravitz’s stamp of approval). In other words, between the high-low price point and the timeless appeal, Sweeney’s off-duty ensemble is about as perfect as it gets—and without a trend in sight.

Keep scrolling for easy access to Sweeney’s easily copiable anti-trend look, as well as plenty more buy-worthy alternatives. 

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