There comes a point in every trend’s lifecycle where after a period of peaking, it finally reaches a low. Sometimes, that low can last years, others decades, but time and time again, it’s been proven that the strong majority always do come back—even those we least expected. We’ve seen it in both fashion and beauty with, for better or worse, everything from animal print to blue eye shadow rearing its head every once in a while. 

Just this summer, there are (at least) eight throwback pieces truly can’t believe have not only returned but have grown even on me once again. From platform mules which I’ve already started to dabble in to low-rise jeans that I will soon be approaching with caution and plenty in between, below you’ll find the summer-ready trends that are back from the dead and very much alive. To see, read about, and shop my picks for each one, simply keep scrolling.

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