Since launching in 2018, the Dyson AirWrap has sent the beauty world into a spin. Thanks to the likes of TikTok and influencers using the hairstyling tool to create sought after ’90s blowouts, waves and sleek styles, its popularity has sky-rocketed and, as a result, it’s often sold out across multiple retailers. And any new stock that does come in doesn’t stay around for very long, which only adds to its desirability.

So what makes the Dyson AirWrap so special? It’s the only hair tool that harnesses what Dyson call ‘the coanda effect’. This means that the hairstyling tool creates a spinning vortex of air, which draws the hair in and around the barrel, which is what is responsible for creating those bouncy curls you’re seeing on your feed. It also uses less heat that most hair styling tools.

But with the new model coming in at £480, you might be wondering if the Dyson AirWrap is worth the money. At nearly £500, it’s certainly an investment and at Who What Wear, we’re of the belief that you shouldn’t have to fork out a fortune on any beauty gadget, and we’ll always tell you if it’s really worth the cost. But, if you are looking to invest, you can read on for our honest review of the new Dyson AirWrap, including the key differences between the new and original models, details on the new attachments and before and afters. 

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