In a past life, before I was an assistant editor at Who What Wear, I worked as a stylist for Nordstrom. I loved everything about being a stylist. I got to play with clothes all day and help people feel more confident about their personal styles. One of the things most people want to know is what denim brand works for me. As an avid jeans wearer, I love a good pair of jeans and have tried almost every brand you can think of.

Not only have I tried several denim brands, but I have also recommended them to clients, friends, and now to you. Nordstrom is my absolute go-to when looking for all things denim. It carries all of my favorite brands plus offers free basic alterations on Nordstrom-purchased clothing, so if I need a quick hem, it’s no big deal. When shopping for jeans, there are three things that are important to me: wash, cut, and fit. I need jeans that don’t only look luxe but feel it as well and that are super flattering. Of course, I’d never brag about all the great denim brands Nordstrom has to offer without letting you in on my favorites. 

Keep scrolling to see the six denim brands that I currently can’t get enough of. 

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