Summer is shaping up to feel 10 times more normal than last year, which means treating ourselves to trendy new bikinis is a must. The particular trend I want to talk through today is one I originally spotted on both swimwear and clothing. I defined the trend as “any article of clothing that slinkily ties and wraps around a bare midriff,” but as I did more research, I realized this isn’t just a clothing micro-trend. It’s a major bikini trend as well. For the sake of journalism, I’m naming them “floss bikinis.”

Floss bikinis are the summertime 2021 version of last year’s ever-popular floss heels, and yes, these swimsuits are exactly what you’re thinking—tiny strings wrapping around various parts of the body, crisscrossing here and there and, well, everywhere.

Most of the ties are attached to the tops, but I managed to find some unique versions of the trend featuring multiple strings on bikini bottoms, too. From neutral colors to striking patterns, take time to check out all the various ways one can don the floss-bikini trend this summer, wherever you may be.

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