There’s something known as “Y2K fatigue,” and some of us may or may not have it right now. As someone who’s in their late 30s, I wore many of the early 2000s trends when they were originally popular, so it’s difficult for me to wrap my head around wearing items I wore when I was in high school. Butterfly hair clips? No, thank you. Tight low-rise jeans? There’s no way. Trucker hats? Hard pass. That said, I do think that the early 2000s revival is quite fun, and I’ve seen many people wear Y2K-inspired trends quite well. So if you’re enjoying the moment, by all means, enjoy it. But if you’re ready to move on to something more modern, you’ve come to the right place.

Truth be told, some of the more modern trends I’m about to highlight below actually originated in time periods prior to the 2000s (i.e., crochet) but they feel fresher and less costumey than head-to-toe Y2K gear. These nine trends will help you achieve an eclectic wardrobe if that’s your goal. Read on if you’re interested in mixing things up and avoiding all the butterflies and micro minis.

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