For the people who are missing the plot of Sex and The City, you should know that my friend group would suffice as an equally entertaining replacement. We’re just four girls who work in fashion, know how to dress, have an elite sense of humor, and insist that everyone around us has just as much fun as we do. 

If you’ve ever people-watched in New York City, you may have noticed that each neighborhood is home to a completely different cast of characters. As I started to think about the trends that I’ve been seeing everywhere lately, my friend group came to mind because although we’re so similar, we live in neighborhoods with completely different vibes.

While I live in the West Village (the land of the polished coastal granddaughter), my friends live in Williamsburg, East Village, and Chelsea. Basically, when we walk outside of the house, we often see a completely different type of New Yorker. So obviously, I had to know what trends they’re seeing everywhere now that summer has neared its peak. Their answers did not disappoint and inspired my next few outfits. See the eight trends we’re convinced that everyone is wearing below. 

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