If you’re focused on curating a closet of great staples instead of fleeting trends, you’re not alone. There is an anti-trend movement brewing, with renewed interest in items that withstand the momentary pieces that are here for one season and gone the next. And yes, Who What Wear Collection is designed with that in mind, so you’ll find plenty of cool anti-trend pieces sitting in the latest drop.

I’ve noticed that there are some seasonless styles that are particularly in-demand and need to put them into full focus. From the corset bodysuit that won me and our other editors over (yes, it’s a must-buy piece) to the sweaters that are key for transitional dressing to the dresses to wear with anything from sandals to knee-high boots, there are a handful of pieces you’ll want to add to your closet. Ahead, the 6 cool spring fashion staples to add to your cart.

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