When you’re scrolling through a trend guide or the new-arrivals section at Nordstrom, do you ever feel overwhelmed? There’s always an abundance of new It items, new brands, and new trends to buy. Keeping up can sometimes feel like running a full marathon in heels, which makes the idea of investing in a great pair of shoes all the more appealing. But how does one discern which shoes are worth the hype? For me, it’s all about picking a pair of shoes that toe the line between timeless and trendy. And no shoe trend does that, in my opinion, quite like ankle-strap heels.

Ankle-strap heels may not get as much hype as other shoe trends (ahem, platform sandals), but don’t be fooled. This style is in it for the long haul. Nothing speaks to the longevity of this shoe style better than the fact that it comes in so many various iterations—there’s everything from the classic conservative pointy pumps with an ankle strap to the sultry strappy wrap-up sandals. These heels have the versatility that other shoes simply could not, and they’re the ideal style to add to any wardrobe. Still not convinced? Ahead, I’ve rounded up the 50 best ankle-strap heels to shop at every price point right now. Buckle up, babes, because these will make you fall in love with this timeless heel style.

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