You may have noticed that here at Who What Wear, we discuss Nordstrom quite a bit. And honestly, can you blame us? It’s really the perfect retailer—a one-stop-shop of sorts, but you already knew that. That said, most of what we cover is fashion-related, so I’m shaking things up a little by introducing you to a whole slew of items that you probably didn’t know you could buy from Nordstrom.

I was just browsing through my own Nordstrom order history and I noticed that I actually buy more random items than I do clothes from Nordstrom. And when I say random, I mean things like steamers, pet gear, home items, and so much more (just wait).

Below, I’ve rounded up some of the most useful and random items you can buy on Nordstrom, in case you’re in the mood for some non-fashion (but still pretty fun) shopping for a change.

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