From season to season, I tend to stick with one thing and wear it till its last legs. Last year it was the three-piece swimset, this year I’m zeroing in on the dramatic one-piece. In my book, the one-piece swimsuit doesn’t get the credit it deserves (I’ve noticed bikini domination among influencers and brands alike). Maybe it’s because of the style’s reputation as somewhat dull and plain, but if the versions on the market today are any indication, that perception couldn’t be farther from the truth. 

In preparation for my vacation earlier this month, I made sure to stock up on them, packing a range of cool printed ones (like the Louisa Ballou suit above) and those with shocking cut-outs (hey, when in Rome). Off the beach, my plan was to also style them with pants for laidback nights out. And from a packing perspective, it’s much easier to keep track of one piece versus two. Since I’m on a mission to help others realize the thrill of the underrated one-piece, I’m sharing 29 enthralling and cool versions to add to your summer outfit list immediately. Get ready for the barrage of compliments.

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