As with other things in life, when it comes to fashion, my mom and I don’t always see eye to eye. We aren’t polar opposites in our looks by any means, but I tend to lean into more fashion-forward styling where she stays in a more mainstream and polished space. This, of course, very much reflects our careers since I work in fashion, while she’s a lawyer. If you were to Venn diagram our style preferences, the overlap would be very clear, especially if you were to also break down our favorite places to shop. One of the most resounding places would be Nordstrom—it truly has a great selection for every personal style.

With that in mind, my mom and I sat down for a little Nordy online-shopping session to see where we align. First, we decided what categories we were both often reaching for. (Think jumpsuits, slide sandals, and more.) From there, we perused until something caught both of our eyes. Needless to say, we left this session with a virtual cart full of goodies that made our list.

Ahead, check out all of the Nordstrom pieces my mom and I would both buy this season.

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