No matter how much sleep you get, sometimes you can’t kick those pesky under eye dark circles. One 2019 study cited the most common causes of these circles to be hyperpigmentation, an increased number of capillaries, or thinner skin in the under-eye area, though genetics and lack of sleep can contribute, too. Either way, they’re no fun. To camouflage the reddish/purplish hue (and fake a full eight hours of beauty sleep), a full coverage concealer is likely your go-to.

Just like full-coverage foundations, these heavy-duty formulas mean business when it comes to covering up skin imperfections like dark circles and acne. They’re also not like the full coverage formulas of the past. No longer is full coverage synonymous with thick, cakey, and drying. Instead, those formulas have been replaced with skin-loving ingredients that blur, blend, and cover, for a truly flawless, undetectable finish. It’s your skin but color-corrected and more even-toned. 

As an editor who has tried them all, I know what it’s like to call concealer my most important makeup product. That’s why I’ve rounded up the best full coverage concealers that are worth a spot in your bag, too.

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