There’s one ritual that remains consistent for me: With every big life event comes a bold and transformative haircut. From noteworthy birthdays to starting school or a new job, getting married, and having kids, these new chapters in life have always sparked the desire for a dramatic chop. What can I say? My hairstyle plays a significant role in how I feel. And there’s no doubt I always feel empowered, stronger, and somewhat changed after a new cut.

I recently had my second baby, and as you might guess, one month later, I was sitting at the hairdresser ready to cut my long locks into a short choppy bob. Everything about the decision felt right—I needed to feel like myself again after having a baby but not my old self, a changed sense of self. Despite my hairstylist warning me that a short, textured bob requires a lot more time, effort, and styling—I was up for the challenge, plus I hadn’t had a bob since my late teens, and this time around I wanted it to feel current and fresh—I went for it.

It just so happens bob haircuts are having quite the moment this year (as spotted on the likes of Jessica Alba, Kaia Gerber, Selena Gomez, and Gigi Hadid), so I got a blunt textured bob and thinned out some of my hair to prevent it looking too heavy on the bottom.

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