Step One: Clean & Exfoliate

Leg makeup is best applied to clean, dry skin, and just like with faux tanner, exfoliation is key to ensuring an even application without patchiness. We recommend using a dry brush or an exfoliating mitt to get rid of any dry skin or rough spots before applying.

Step Two: Moisturize

Just as you would prep your face before applying foundation, using a moisturizer will give legs a nice smooth surface, which guarantees an even look and long-lasting wear. 

Step Three: Apply

Applying leg makeup can get messy, so we suggest using tanning gloves or a large body brush to help blend the product into skin and avoid the possibility of streaking. 

Step Four: Buff

Even if you use a spray or aerosol formulation, Lovello recommends buffing out the product with a large fluffy brush to make sure everything is well blended.

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