The French fashion house of Louis Vuitton is known for many things, from the iconic Speedy 30 Monogram to the unmatched Multicolore Pochette. But what if we told you our most recent Louis Vuitton infatuation isn’t an accessory, but one of the brand’s intoxicating perfumes?

Louis Vuitton made its first foray into fragrance in the 1920s with the launch of Heures d’Absence; other scents came shortly after. Sadly, those formulas were destroyed in a fire in the 1950s. Seventy years later, the brand relaunched its fragrance lineup with help from master perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud. Today’s Louis Vuitton perfumes are made of the most luxurious ingredients and are housed inside chic, minimalist bottles. From breathtaking heady florals to woody musks and more, these are the best Louis Vuitton perfumes to own now.

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